English Plus 14 – 17


Residential or Homestay

Ages 14*-17


  • The Course
  • Accommodation & Welfare
  • Pre-Departure Information

Course Details

English Plus courses are part of the Cambridge Junior course

Students have the same accommodation options, and share the same activity programme.  

All course options are held in central of Cambridge where you will find many of the beautiful universities that Cambridge is famous for, along with shops, restaurants and cultural activities for you to enjoy.  

The English Plus course modules are: 

  • Musical Theatre 
  • Science
  • Young Leaders
  • Art

The English Plus course modules all offer two full hours of lessons per day (10 hours per week).  You can choose to combine one English Plus option with 10 hours of English classes on the Cambridge Junior course, making 20 hours of classes in total.  

Alternatively, you can choose two of the English Plus options together to make up your 20 hours of classes (for example, Science and Young Leaders or Musical Theatre and Art). If you choose one of these combinations, you won’t receive any English classes, only your two English Plus modules.  


  • 20 full hours teaching per week
  • Maximum class size of 12
  • Elementary – advanced levels
  • Reports and certificates

Placement Test

On your first day, you will take a short written test and have an interview with a teacher so that we can assess your level of English and choose the best class level for you. 

English Lessons

Our English classes are based on our school’s topic based syllabus. You will develop your language skills while discussing topics that are relevant and interesting to you. Expect to work in pairs and groups regularly, and take part in class discussions and other activities that make learning enjoyable and fun. 

  • Expand your vocabulary 
  • Increase your grammatical accuracy 
  • Improve your pronunciation 
  • Gain confidence in using English in everyday situations 

Project Classes

In our project classes, you will use English to work on a project together with your class mates. You will be able to choose the focus of your project with help from your teacher. Popular projects include: 

  • Creating a school magazine
  • Surveys of Select staff or members of the public
  • Making a guide to Cambridge for future students
  • Preparing a presentation on your hometown

Course Dates 2022

  • 3rd – 16th July – FULLY BOOKED
  • 17th – 30th July
  • 31st July – 13th August

Drama Classes

On your final day at Select, all classes put on a short performance for the rest of the school. In your drama classes, your teacher will help you to prepare and rehearse your performance.

This is an excellent way to build your confidence and is also lots of fun!

Reports and Certificates

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate with your English level and a report from your teachers.

Course Timetable

Here’s the lesson Timetable for the English Plus Course

Week One

MondayLesson OneBreakLesson TwoBreakLesson ThreeLunchLessonActivitiesDinnerActivities
TuesdayLesson OneBreakLesson TwoBreakLesson ThreeLunchLessonActivitiesDinnerActivities
WednesdayLesson OneBreakLesson TwoBreakLesson ThreeLunchLessonActivitiesDinnerActivities
ThursdayLesson OneBreakLesson TwoBreakLesson ThreeLunchLessonActivitiesDinnerActivities
FridayLesson OneBreakLesson TwoBreakLesson ThreeLunchLessonActivitiesDinnerActivities

Week Two

MondayLesson OneBreakLesson TwoBreakLesson ThreeLunchLessonsActivitiesDinnerActivities
TuesdayLesson OneBreakLesson TwoBreakLesson ThreeLunchLessonsActivitiesDinnerActivities
WednesdayLesson OneBreakLesson TwoBreakLesson ThreeLunchLessonsActivitiesDinnerActivities
ThursdayLesson OneBreakLesson TwoBreakHalf Day TripHalf Day TripLessonsHalf Day TripDinnerFree Time
FridayLesson OneBreakLesson TwoBreakLesson ThreeLunchLessonsActivitiesDinnerActivities

Course Fees & Availability

English Plus Homestay
Course LengthCourse Cost
2 Week Course£1520 +£50 Registration Fee
4 Week Course£3040 + £50 Registration Fee
6 Week Course£4560 + £50 Registration Fee


3rd – 16th JulyFully booked
17th – 30th JulyFully booked
31st July – 13th AugustAvailable
English Plus Residential Single
Course LengthCourse Cost
2 Week Course£1870 + £50 Registration Fee
4 Week Course£3740 + £50 Registration Fee
6 Week Course£5610 + £50 Registration Fee


3rd – 16th JulyFully booked
17th – 30th JulyAvailable
31st – 13th AugustAvailable

English Plus Supplements

Science2 weeks = £90
Musical Theatre2 weeks = £90
Art2 weeks = £90
Young Leaders2 weeks =£250
English Plus Residential Twin
Course LengthCourse Cost
2 Week Course£1810 + £50 Registration Fee
4 Week Course£3620 + £50 Registration Fee
6 Week Course£5430 + £50 Registration Fee


3rd – 16th JulyFully booked
17th – 30th JulyFully booked
31st July – 13th AugustAvailable

Activity Programme

The English Plus courses have the same activities programme as the Cambridge Junior course. It is an exciting and varied activity programme with sports, games and excursions. An example schedule of the activities offered each day is detailed below. Where a (£) is displayed, there is a small charge for the activity. If you attend all paid activities, we expect that £20 per week will be sufficient to cover the cost. Note that there is always a free alternative to paid activities.

  • Full- day excursion to London
  • Half-day trip to Bury St Edmunds
  • Sports and Games
  • Craft Activities
  • College and Museum Visits
  • Punting on the River Cam
Afternoon ActivityEvening Activity
MondayWalking Tour of CambridgeWelcome Party
TuesdaySelect Olympics or Bowling (£)Evening Punting
WednesdayKing’s College, CambridgeDisco (£) or Garden Games
ThursdayMuseum or Market TripFree Evening
FridayPhoto Treasure Hunt or Swimming (£)Film Night or Sports
Saturday Full Day Trip to LondonFree Evening
SundayVisit Ely (£) or GrantchesterFree Evening
MondayPuntingSwimming or Kwik Cricket
Tuesday T Shirt Making or TennisCupcake Decorating or Football
WednesdayTea Party or Sports on the ParkDisco (£) or Garden Games
Thursday Half Day Trip to Bury St EdmundsFree Evening
Friday Select’s Got TalentFarewell Party

English Academy

The Select English Academy is run by our Director of Studies and classes are taught by our Summer School teachers. These are intensive classes in small groups tailored to the needs of the students. After an initial assessment of the student’s objectives, teachers will put together a plan for the module. Students may attend in preparation for exams or simply to improve their reading, writing, speaking or listening skills. Academy classes can be tailored to meet the needs of students. You can add the English Academy to the Cambridge Juniors or English plus courses. The cost per week is £115.

  • Small groups
  • Subject specific courses
  • Exam preparation
  • End of course report and certificate stating skills learnt
  • Maximum 4 students per group
  • 2 x 1.5-hour sessions per module


If you have an interest in science, you can choose this option. Science classes (10 Hours per week) can be combined with English Classes , Musical Theatre classes or Young Leaders Classes (Young Leaders is available 4th – 17th July and 18th -31st July only). All options offer 10 hours of lessons when combined offer 20 hours of tuition per week in total.

The topics covers in the Science lessons are as follows

Safety and rules of laboratory rules are explained and where necessary demonstrated. The students are then shown the scientific equipment they will use and how it should be used
Lesson 2Learn how to light a Bunsen Burner and then do oxidation experiments on metals.
Lesson 3After an explanation of the scientific principles of rockets. The students then make their own rockets.
Lesson 4The students take their rockets outside and set them off recording flight time and from this calculate their maximum height. An evaluation of their design is then carried out.
Lesson 5Using prepared slides the students learn the correct use of a light microscope at different magnifications. They are also expected to learn how to make accurate microscopic drawings.
Lesson 6Following a demonstration of how to do a flame test. Students carry out flame tests on known metals noting the flame colour. They then have to identify unknown metals using flame tests.
Lesson 7A demonstration of how to carry out identification of unknowns using their reaction with NaOH and noting the precipitate colour produced. Then students do the tests themselves. They then have to identify a series of unknowns.
Lesson 8This an investigation into the effect of exercise on pulse rate and blood oxygen levels before and after exercise. An experiment to work out lung gas capacity is then conducted and suitable conclusions reached.
Lesson 9An investigation into the properties of electrical components and the design of a series of circuits.
Lesson 10After a demonstration of the Chemical tests for chlorine, bromine, iodine, nitrates, sulphates, carbonates and hydrogen carbonate. Students then carry out these tests and have then to identify several unknowns.


This option will allow those students with an interest in art to experiment and produce a portfolio of work to be proud of. They will achieve this by working with qualified and experienced Art teachers from our sister college, St. Andrew’s College, Cambridge

The classes and workshops will take place in our purpose-built art studios at our school in central Cambridge. This option combines tuition in many different aspects of Art, including Painting and Mixed Media, Sculpture, Photography and Textiles. It will be a hands-on and practical course, making it an interactive and fun choice for those wishing to combine learning English with improving their art skills. Every two weeks there will be an exhibition to show off the great work produced by students. If you’re a keen artist and you want to do something creative, this is a good option for you. You can take 10 hours of art lessons per week and combine it with 10 hours of English, Science, Musical Theatre or Young Leaders classes. (Young Leaders is available 3rd – 16th July and 17th – 30th July).

Musical Theatre

If you you like to dance, sing and perform then this could be be the option for you. Each week a song will be selected from a well known musical and students will learn the song and dance routine to perform at the end of the course. Students will go to a dance studio close to the school to learn these routines with a dance instructor. The Musical Theatre classes make up 10 hours of the course and for the remaining 10 hours, you can add English, Art or Science depending on your preference. An intermediate level of English is required for Musical Theatre, Art or Science options.

Young Leaders

Our Young Leaders option is great for any student with a keen interest in business topics and who wishes to practise their debating, academic writing and presentation skills. You will need to have an intermediate level of English to do this course. The Young Leaders classes will cover

  • Business Studies
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Debating
  • Presentation Skills
  • Academic Writing

You can combine the course with English lessons or you can choose to study Science or Art alongside this option.

Young Leaders Programme

Lesson 1&2Lesson 3&4Afternoon ActivityEvening Activity
MondayYoung Leaders ClassesEnglish/Art/Science ClassesWalking TourWelcome Party
TuesdayYoung Leaders ClassesEnglish/Art/Science ClassesTalk from a Cambridge University LecturerEvening Punting
WednesdayYoung Leaders ClassesEnglish/Art/Science ClassesKing’s College VisitDisco (£) or Garden Games
ThursdayYoung Leaders ClassesEnglish/Art/Science ClassesTour of Jaguar Land Rover PlantFree Time
FridayYoung Leaders ClassesEnglish/Art/Science ClassesTalk from a Cambridge University LecturerFilm Night or Sports
SaturdayFull Day Trip to London
SundayFree TimeVisit Ely or GrantchesterFree Time
MondayYoung Leaders ClassesEnglish/Art/Science ClassesTalk from a Cambridge University LecturerSwimming or Kwik Cricket
TuesdayYoung Leaders ClassesEnglish/Art/Science ClassesPuntingCupcake Decorating or Football
WednesdayYoung Leaders ClassesEnglish/Art/Science ClassesTalk from a Cambridge University LecturerDisco (£) or Garden Games
ThursdayYoung Leaders ClassesTrip to Bury St EdmundsFree Time
FridayYoung Leaders ClassesEnglish/Art/Science ClassesSelect’s Got TalentFarewell Party

Residential Accommodation

Stay in one of our supervised residence buildings near to the school. We have 6 halls of residence all within walking distance (20-25 minutes’ walk) of the school.  Residences are allocated on a first come, first served basis. 

  • You can choose to stay in twin or single rooms depending on the course booked. Please check the booking confirmation carefully to ensure you have the accommodation you were expecting. In some residences triple rooms are available during the summer and these must be requested in writing. We will advise you if your request is possible or not
  • Boys and girls are accommodated on separate floors supervised by live in House Managers
  • Breakfast, packed lunch and evening meal provided
  • Weekly laundry
  • Bed linen is provided (students should bring their own towels)
  • Student common room in each residence
  • WiFi

Residential @ The Railyard

It is also possible for students on the Cambridge Junior and English Plus courses to choose residential accommodation at the Railyard. The Railyard is located on the same street as the school so is just a short walk away.

  • Single rooms with ensuite bathroom
  • Supervised by live in House Manager
  • Breakfast provided at the residence
  • Lunch provided at school
  • Students will eat dinner at local restaurants with the House Manager
  • Bed linen provided, students should bring their own towels
  • WiFi

Homestay Accommodation

Our homestays accommodation is carefully selected by our Accommodation Officer. In this way, we ensure that only the most suitable houses and families are used to host Select English students.  

 Most homestays are located 3-5km from the school, approx. 30 to 45 minutes traveling by bus.

All our homestays are regularly inspected by our Accommodation Officer. We also carefully monitor student feedback on homestay hosts so that we only continue to work with the most popular homestay hosts. 

Once we have placed you in a homestay, you will receive a family profile from us, giving basic information about your homestay 

We encourage you and your child to contact the family to introduce yourselves prior to arrival.

In some cases, students aged 16 or over may be placed in Private Homes. These are homestays who host more than 4 students. Private homes offer meals and laundry but may offer a reduced opportunity to interact with hosts due to the number of guests. Please let us know if you do not want to be accommodated in a private home

  • Twin rooms
  • Breakfast, packed lunch and evening meal provided
  • Weekly laundry
  • Bed linen is provided (students should bring their own towels)


If you are travelling with a friend you can request to be accommodated in the same homestay at the time of booking. 


 All students will be able to shower or bath at least once a day; note that bathrooms are normally shared with the homestay. 


  • Breakfast and dinner are provided. Breakfast will normally be a choice of cereal, toast, fruit juice and tea or coffee. 
  • Dinner is generally served between 17.30 and 18.00, but homestays will advise the definite time. 


Homestays will advise students of the best way to get to school from their home. In most cases, students will take the bus, and the host family will show the student the bus stop near to the house and explain which bus to catch.  

Students can buy a weekly bus ticket called a “Megarider” from the bus driver. The cost is around £15 per week for unlimited travel around Cambridge. 


The homestay will do one level basket of washing for you per week, on an agreed day each week. 


Homestays will not normally allow students to use their telephone. It is a good idea to arrange to call your child in their homestay before 22.00 UK time. 


In most cases we aim to keep students under 18 separate from over 18s in homestays. 

However, we realise that there will be cases where friends of different ages may travel together and wish to be accommodated together. In such cases, a request must be made in writing by the agent or parents of the students.  


The summer school is located at 9-15 Station Road, Cambridge, CB1 2JB.

10 – 15 minutes‘ walk from central Cambridge


At Select English we want to make sure that all students enjoy their time with us, and feel safe and relaxed whilst they are here in England.  

Our approach to student welfare therefore includes dedicated and trained welfare support staff who are always available to help students who need extra support. 

All the Select English team share a determined commitment to caring for all of our students, whatever their needs, in the best possible way. 

Nadine Kaminska is our Welfare Manager. 

Nadine’s office is in building 15 at Station Road, on the first floor. Her email address is nadine.kaminska@selectenglish.co.uk

  • On site Welfare Manager
  • Medical Centre 5 minutes’ walk from school
  • Qualified first aiders on site
  • Supervised sports and social programme
  • Live in House Managers in residential accommodation
  • 24 hour emergency contact number
Two students sitting in a classroom smiling with their thumbs up

Care of Under 18s


Please read the below as it outlines the level of care and supervision provided on this course. Once you have read this section please complete the consent form

  • Every student will be given a wristband containing the school emergency number
  • We will give students safety advice as part of their pre-arrival information and first day induction. This can be downloaded from this page of our website selectenglish.co.uk/welfare
  • The activity programme is compulsory. You can give your child permission to not take part in afternoon activities by completing the relevant section of the Consent Form

If you give your child permission NOT to attend afternoon activities, it means that

  • They will not be supervised by Select English staff
  • Between 15.00 and 18.00 they will be free to walk around the city, go into shops or engage in other activities that are unknown to Select English staff
  • Students must return home by 6pm for dinner. Residential House Managers and homestay hosts will contact the school when students fail to do so. Returning home late is considered serious misconduct and may result in disciplinary action

Consent Form


Travelling to and from homestay accommodation

All students living in homestay accommodation must travel to and from school independently either on foot, by public bus or by taxi. Select English aims to keep all of our students safe and have therefore,

  • Carried out a risk assessment for this period of time
  • Requested details from each homestay on the safest route to and from their home to the school and detailed this on the homestay profile that is issued to students
  • Provided students with safety advice in their pre-arrival information

After all evening activities the following will happen in order to get students home:

  • Students in residences will be walked home by teachers or social staff
  • Students living in homestays will be accompanied by staff to the bus stop
  • If students require a taxi, a member of Select staff will call a taxi for them.


  • On social activities and trips staff/student ratios will be at least 1:20. However, ratios will be determined by the risk assessment carried out for each activity.
  • Students must return home immediately after evening activities. If an afternoon activity finishes early, students may have some free time in town but must return home by 6pm for dinner
  • During trips students will be allowed to leave staff to visit shops and other amenities for a maximum of 90 minutes and will be told to stay in groups of at least three. After 90 minutes they must check in with the designated supervisor.
  • Select English has a clear set of rules for free time which will be known to all students.

Free time

There are times during the course where students will have short periods of unsupervised free time and we have clear rules for free time. These are detailed below

  • After afternoon activities: Students normally have an 1-2 hours free time before they must return to their accommodation for dinner. They must not leave the city centre and should stay in groups of a minimum of three.
  • Dinner: 
  • It is possible for students to choose to have dinner once a week with friends in the city centre. They need permission from the Course Director and need to inform their homestay host or Hall of Residence Manager at least 24 hours before.
  • After Evening Activities: Students must go straight home at the end of the evening activity.
  • Saturday Evening following the full-day excursion to London: Some free time in the city centre is allowed but students must stay in groups of a minimum of three. All students must return home in time for curfew.
  • Sunday: Free time in the city centre is allowed but students must stay in groups of a minimum of three and return home for curfew. Students must attend the afternoon activity offered by Select English on Sundays
  • Thursday Evening following the half-day excursion: Students are allowed free time in the city centre and must stay in groups of a minimum of three. All students must return home for curfew.


  • Evenings & Weekdays: 21.30
  • Disco Night (Wednesdays): 23.00


  • To receive a free transfer on arrival, you need to book a flight that is scheduled to land on Sunday between 9.00 and 17.00 at London Stansted or London Heathrow. Students on flights scheduled to land before 9.00 are not eligible for a free transfer. There is no option to wait in the airport. Where flights are delayed, we will always wait for students affected.
  • To qualify for a free transfer on departure, you need to book a flight that is scheduled to depart on a Saturday between 9.00 and 17.00 at London Stansted or London Heathrow. Flights scheduled to depart after 17.00 are not eligible for a free transfer.
  • If your flight is outside these hours, to/from a different airport or on a different day, you will need to either make your own way, or arrange a private taxi transfer. Please contact us on info@selectenglish.co.ukto arrange this. All students under the age of 18 must use our free transfer service or book a private taxi transfer.

Prices for one way taxi transfers are below:


Pre-Departure Information

Before you come to Select English there are a few things that need to be arranged.

Consent & Medical Forms

At the time of booking, we will send you a consent and medical form to complete for your child/children. You must return these to us before the start of the course. These apply to students aged 16 and 17 studying on this course.


Select English recommends that all students purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy prior to departure for the UK.  

In this way you will be covered in the event of disruption to travel, loss or damage to belongings and so on.  

Most students will also be liable to pay for any medical treatment needed whilst in the UK; an insurance policy that covers medical expenses is therefore advisable.  


The summer months are June to September; in this period the weather is normally warm and pleasant, with occasional hot spells – but at night it can always be chilly here, even when the days are hot. 

UK Law 

When travelling abroad it is always important to be aware of relevant laws in the country that you’re visiting.  

In the UK it is illegal to buy cigarettes or alcohol if you are under the age of 18, and possession of most drugs (including cannabis) is illegal. 

Pocket Money 

Please provide your child with adequate spending money before departure.  

It is recommended that students bring at least £25 per day to cover the cost of any snacks, drinks, souvenirs and gifts and so on.  

We strongly recommend that students have a pre-payment card instead of bringing large amounts of cash.  


What to Bring

  • Passport/ID Card
  • All documentation sent to you by Select English (Acceptance Letter, Accommodation Letter, Short Term Study Visa Letter, if applicable)
  • Suitable Clothing (trainers, swimming kit, raincoat)
  • Umbrella
  • Towels
  • Adaptor/Transformer to charge your phone and to use electrical appliances such as hairdryers. The standard voltage in the UK is 230 volts. Your adaptor must meet UK standards or it will be confiscated for health and safety reasons
  • Prescription medication. This must be in its original packaging with the labels translated into English
  • The school contact information. You should store the following number in your phone in case of emergency. +44 7985 026835

What our students are saying