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Everyone is so nice. I have spent one of the best holidays of my life

Lucille L from France


Key Information

Age: Ages 16-25
Class size: Maximum 12 students per class
Classes: 20 hours per week. Elementary – Advanced levels
Transfers: Free from Heathrow and Stansted (see conditions)
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Magdalene College, Cambridge University

English Language Summer Course for Students Aged 16-25

Students will live in Magdalene College, which is one of Cambridge University’s oldest, most famous and most beautiful colleges. Magdalene College was founded in 1428 and is one of the oldest colleges in Cambridge University. The main courtyard and its small church were both built around 1470, while the famous Pepys library dates from about 1700.

The college is set on the banks of the River Cam, which flows through the centre of Cambridge; many of the student bedrooms have views over the river. The college is situated in the heart of the historic centre of Cambridge, close to the river, the beautiful colleges and stunning architecture of the university – so our students will experience Cambridge’s unique atmosphere to the full.

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Magdalene College Course Dates for 2020

5th – 18th July

19th July -1st  August

Magdalene College Course Fees for 2020

2 Week Course £2170 + £50 Registration Fee
4 Week Course £4340 + £50 Registration Fee


Teaching & Learning

  • 20 full hours teaching per week
  • Maximum class size of 12
  • Elementary – advanced levels
  • Reports and certificates

Course Timetable


Placement test

On your first day, you will take a short written test and have an interview with a teacher so that we assess your level of English and choose the best class for you.

English classes

Our English classes are based on our school’s topic based syllabus. You will develop your language skills while discussing topics that are relevant and interesting to you. You should expect to work in pairs and groups regularly, and take part in class discussions and other activities that make learning enjoyable and fun. Classes will help you to:
  • Expand your vocabulary
  • Increase your grammatical accuracy
  • Improve your pronunciation
  • Gain confidence in using English in every situations

Project classes

In our project classes, you will use English to work on a project together with your class mates. You will be able to choose the focus of your project with help from your teacher. Popular projects include:
  • Creating a school magazine
  • Surveys of Select staff or members of the public
  • Making a guide to Cambridge for future students
  • Preparing a presentation on your hometown

Magdalene College Course Location

  • Great location near to the centre of Cambridge
  • Safe and secure location

Magdalene College Accommodation

Students live in comfortable single rooms at the heart of Magdalene College; the rooms are in a remarkable building that was designed by the famous British architect Edwin Lutyens
  • Students share bathrooms with up to six other students
  • Students have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Magdalene College dining halls
  • Surrounded by stunning gardens outside which lead down to the banks of the River Cam
  • Free wi-fi for students

Magdalene College Course Activities

Our programme at Magdalene College allows students to immerse themselves in traditional Cambridge University student life
  • An arrival reception with strawberries & cream on the college lawns
  • Course graduation ceremony beneath the Pepys library with detailed personal reports and certificates for each student
  • A formal farewell dinner in the historic and atmospheric college dining hall
  • Full day excursion to London
  • inspirational cultural, social and sporting programme

An example two-week activity schedule at Magdalene College

* Activities with a £ will incur a small charge. The cost per week to attend all activities is £20.
Day Afternoon Activity Evening Activity
Monday Walking Tour Welcome Reception
Tuesday King's College Visit Traditional Pub Visit
Wednesday Business/Media Workshop Punting
Thursday Sports Shakespeare Play in Cambridge University Gardens (£)
Friday Visit Fitzwilliam Museum Course Social Evening
Saturday Full Day Excursion to London Free Time
Sunday Half-Day Excursion to Ely Free Time
Monday Workshop: Entrepreneurship  Sports
Tuesday Jesus College BBQ
Wednesday Cambridge University Admissions Lecture Free Time
Thursday Visit Grantchester Course Social Evening
Friday Free Time Formal Farewell Dinner


  • Small course of 50 students
  • Safe and secure environment
  • Qualified first aiders on site
  • Supervised sports and social programme
  • 24 hour emergency contact number – 0044 (0) 7985 026835



Magdalene College Transfers

Free transfers are available on the Magdalene College course.
  • To qualify for a free transfer on arrival, you need to book a flight that lands on Sunday between 9am and 5pm at London Stansted or London Heathrow. Note: this is based on the time of the flight, NOT the projected time of the transfer itself.
  • To qualify for a free transfer on departure, you need to book a flight that takes off on a Saturday between 9am and 5pm at London Stansted or London Heathrow. Note: this is based on the time of the flight, NOT the projected time of the transfer itself.
  • If your flight is outside these hours, to/from a different airport or on a different day, you will need to either make your own way, or arrange a private taxi transfer. Please contact us on to arrange this. It is highly recommended that students under the age of 18 arrange a private transfer.
Prices for one way taxi transfers are below:
Heathrow £150
Gatwick £165
Stansted £95
Luton £105

Magdalene College Course Availability

5th- 18th July SPACES
19th July -1st August SPACES
*We impose limits on the number of nationalities/native speakers per course in order to ensure a good mix of nationalities.

Care of Under 18s

This applies to students aged 16 and 17 attending the course at Magdalene College IF YOU ARE UNDER 18, A CONSENT FORM MUST BE COMPLETED AND RETURNED BY YOUR PARENT/GUARDIAN. PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM HERE

  • This course is for students aged 16-25 and you will be in classes, have meals and take part in activities with students who are over 18. You will also share a common room with students over 18.
  • Every student will be given a wristband containing the school emergency number (07985 026835)
  • Students are given safety advice as part of their first day induction. This can be downloaded from our website .
  • An activity programme is offered but is not a compulsory.
  • Students who choose not to take part in activities will have unsupervised free time.  If they choose to leave the campus they must sign out in the presence of the Course Director.
  • If not attending an activity during the afternoon, students will be required to check in with staff at dinner time
  • There is an activity on offer every evening. Attendance is not compulsory. During this time, students may stay in the college or they may go out into Cambridge. This means that from 19.00-23.00 students will be unsupervised
  • When students are not attending the activity provided by Select English or during free time, they must inform the Course Director where they are and when they expect to be back. They must make sure that the Course Director has their mobile phone number and that their phone is charged and switched on.
  • On activities and trips, supervision ratios for under 18s will be at least 1:20. Students will be allowed to leave staff to visit shops and other amenities. Students will be informed of meeting points where they can find staff and will also be reminded of the school emergency numbers (on their wristbands) and summer staff mobile numbers.
  • Select English has set clear rules for free time. All students will be made aware of these rules.


  • Students are accommodated in single rooms
  • We will make every attempt to accommodate male and female students on separate floors but it may not always be possible
  • We will make every attempt to accommodate students aged 16 and 17 separate from the students aged over 18 but it may not always be possible.
  • There will be 5 members of Select English staff living at the college


  • The curfew for under 18s at Magdalene College is 23.00