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Course Details

Our general English courses are based at our main school in Cambridge just 10 minutes’ walk from the city centre. 

You can start your course on any Monday during the year; courses run every week apart from a short break for Christmas and New Year. 

The maximum class size is 12, ensuring personal attention from the teacher for all our students as well as plenty of opportunity to practice speaking in class every day.  

Teachers also conduct tutorials with students to assess their progress and give tips and help on how they may improve. 

Students can choose to study 15, 21 or 24 hours a week.  


all levels have an ongoing twelve-week syllabus and progress is monitored throughout the course with weekly progress tests and tutorials. 


Select English offers classes from elementary to advanced level from September to June. Each student undergoes a level test on the morning of their first day with writing and speaking components, before joining a class at the correct level


We have a dynamic and enthusiastic core teaching team who all hold recognised teaching qualifications and have years of experience in teaching English courses across the world as well as here in Cambridge. They know what it takes to improve students’ language level as well as how to pass exams, and they will be with you every step of the way during your course. 


You will learn how English is used in real-life, focussing on the use of the four key skills (speaking, listening, writing and reading). In addition to modern textbooks and resources, teachers regularly use a mix of media sources for stimulating classroom use.


We encourage you to actively participate in lessons. Our classes have a relaxed and supportive yet hard-working atmosphere and we aim to make your course as enjoyable and productive as possible. 


  • Small groups
  • Subject specific courses
  • Exam preparation
  • End of course report and certificate stating skills learnt

Key Info

  • You’ll be taught in a small group. We have a maximum of 12 students in a class; the average class size is 7 – 8 
  • You will meet students from all over the world and have the chance to socialise with them on the activities programme 
  • You will be taught by professional English language teachers 
  • Classes are learner-centred and communicative 
  • You will work in pairs and small groups and use English throughout the lesson 
  • Classes are fun and enjoyable 
  • You will increase your confidence in using English 
  • You will develop your fluency and accuracy 

General & Intensive English Lessons

  • You will expand your range of vocabulary
  • You will practise and develop your knowledge of English grammar
  • You will improve your pronunciation of English
  • You will use a course book, which you can borrow from the school.
  • You will have two different teachers so you can experience a range of accents and teaching styles

Your Progress

  • You will be given a written test, grammar and vocabulary test and short interview on your first day so we can accurately assess your level and place you in the right class 
  • You will discuss your goals for the course with the Director of Studies and be given advice on how fast you can expect to progress 
  • You will be given weekly progress tests so you can see how much you have learned each week 
  • You will have a one to one meeting with your teacher once a fortnight to discuss your progress and set short-term goals 
  • There is an end-of-level test every 12 weeks; if you are progressing quickly, you have the chance to take the test earlier and move up to the next level 
  • You will be given a report on your progress and certificate at the end of the course 

A Day at Select

The teaching day at Select English begins at 09:00. There are four 45 minute classes every morning, with breaks in between. The morning classes finish at 12.15 so students taking the 15 hour a week package would end their lessons then.  

After lunch, afternoon classes begin at 13.15. Students on the 21 hour a week package would have two 45 minute classes each afternoon (Monday to Thursday), finishing at 14.45.  

Students on the 24 hour a week package would have three 45 minute classes each afternoon (Monday to Thursday), finishing at 15.45. 

The afternoon classes focus on IELTS preparation or other specific language skills. 

Friday afternoons are free afternoons. 

09:00 – 09:45Lesson 1 │ General English
09:45 – 10:30Lesson 2 │ General English
10:30 – 10:45Break
10:45 – 11:30Lesson 3 │ General English
11:30 – 12:15Lesson 4 │ General English
12:15 – 13:15Lunch Break
13:15 – 14:00Lesson 5 │ IELTS Preparation (No lesson on Fridays)
14:00 – 14:45Lesson 6 │ IELTS Preparation (No lesson on Fridays)
14:45 – 15:00Break
15:00 – 15:45Lesson 7 │ IELTS Preparation (No lesson on Fridays)

Social Programme

We offer a variety of leisure activities for our students. There may be an extra cost for these which is usually £5-10 per activity.

Social Activities

Join our sports coach for weekly basketball sessions. We play matches We offer optional social activities every week. These could be a visit to a museum, the famous tea rooms at Grantchester or punting on the river. During the summer school (late June to mid-August) we offer 1-2 activities every weekday. During the academic year, we offer 2-3 activities per week.

An example schedule of the activities offered at Select English

  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Friday
  • Pancake day
  • Calverley’s Brewery
  • Cambridge Walking Tour

Homestay Accommodation

We can offer homestay accommodation with this course.

Our homestays are carefully selected by our Accommodation Officer. Our homestays can be young or old, single or married; they may or may not have children. Most homestays are 3-5km from the school, approx. 30 to 45 minutes traveling by bus.
Our hosts are fully inspected. They receive regular visits from our Accommodation Officer. We also monitor hosts through student feedback.
Once we have placed you in a homestay, you will receive a family profile.


Students will be accommodated in single rooms. If you are travelling with a friend you can request to be accommodated in the same homestay at the time of booking.


All students will be able to shower or bath at least once a day. Their homestay will show them how to use the shower. Note that bathrooms are normally shared with the homestay.


  • Breakfast and dinner are provided. Breakfast will normally be a choice of cereal, toast, fruit juice and tea or coffee
  • Dinner is generally served between 17.30 and 18.00, but homestays will advise the definite time
  • Lunch is not provided and students will need to buy lunch from one of the many shops, cafes or restaurants near the school


Homestays will advise the best way to get to school from their home. In most cases, students will take the bus. The homestay will point out the bus stop. Students can buy a weekly bus ticket called a “Megarider” from the bus driver. The cost is around £15.00 per week for unlimited travel around Cambridge.


The homestay will do one level basket of washing for you per week. They will advise the laundry day.


The host family will keep the house clean and tidy and will clean your room once a week and wash the bed linens. Students need to bring their own bath towel.


Homestays will not normally allow students to use their telephone. It is a good idea to arrange to call your child in their homestay before 22.00 UK time.

In most cases we aim to keep students under 18 separate from over 18s in homestays. However, we realise that there will be cases where friends of different ages may travel together and wish to be accommodated together. In such cases, a request must be made in writing by the agent or parents of the students concerned.

Residential Accommodation

We have residential accommodation available for students aged 16 and over.

  • Opposite to Leisure Park, where you will find Cinema, bowling, shops, and restaurants, 
  • Self-contained en-suite rooms
  • cluster flats of six rooms, each with its own communal kitchen and dining area 
  • Bed linen and room cleaning service
  • Laundry room
  • Fitness suite and communal areas
  • High-speed broadband and Wi-Fi
  • £260 per week

Care of Under 18s


  • Students are given safety advice as part of their pre-arrival information and first day induction. This can be downloaded from our website


  • This course is for students aged 16 and over. Students aged 16 and 17 will be in classes and share communal areas with students over 18
  • Activities are offered on this course but are not compulsory. You must sign up if you wish to take part in an activity. Students aged 16 and 17 will be offered the same activities as students who are over 18.
  • Staff/student ratios on activities and trips will generally be 1:20. However, ratios will be determined by the risk assessment carried out for each activity
  • The Director of Studies will visit each classroom after the start of the first lesson each day to check attendance. Student under 18 who are not present in class will be contacted by phone in order to explain their absence


  • 16 years old – 2230 hours
  • 17 years old 2300 hours
  • 18 years old + 2330 hours / 18 and over may have extensions up to 01.00 hours on Friday and Saturday nights and one other evening during the week (as long as it does not affect lessons the next day). Students must let their homestay host know by 7pm prior to leaving the house

Consent Form



We can arrange a private taxi transfer for you at extra cost. Please contact us on to organise it.

If you are over 18 years old and you would like to make your own way to Cambridge, you can do so either by train or by coach.

Prices for one way taxi transfers are below:


Taking the coach to Cambridge

You can take a coach direct from the airport to the centre of Cambridge. The coach company is called National Express and you can book tickets online here Once you arrive in Cambridge, you will need to take a taxi to your accommodation. There is a taxi rank next to the coach station or you can call a taxi on 0044 (0) 1223 715715. The company is called Panther. You can expect the journey to cost around £10 depending on the location of your accommodation.

Taking a train to Cambridge

There are trains available from Stansted, Heathrow, Gatwick, City, and Luton airports. All trains go via London King’s Cross train station and will involve a journey on the London Underground. We would not recommend travelling by train from Luton as the journey time is significantly longer than the National Express coach option. You can buy tickets here Once you arrive in Cambridge, you will need to take a taxi to your accommodation. There is a taxi rank outside the train station or you can call a taxi on 0044 (0) 1223 715715. The company is called Panther. You can expect the journey to cost around £10 depending on the location of your accommodation.

Pre-Departure Information

Before you come to Select English there are a few things that need to be arranged.

Consent & Medical Forms

At the time of booking, we will send you a consent and medical form to complete for your child/children. You must return these to us before the start of the course. These apply to students aged 16 and 17 studying on this course.


Select English recommends that all students purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy prior to departure for the UK.  

In this way you will be covered in the event of disruption to travel, loss or damage to belongings and so on.  

Most students will also be liable to pay for any medical treatment needed whilst in the UK; an insurance policy that covers medical expenses is therefore advisable.  


The summer months are June to September; in this period the weather is normally warm and pleasant, with occasional hot spells – but at night it can always be chilly here, even when the days are hot. 

UK Law 

When travelling abroad it is always important to be aware of relevant laws in the country that you’re visiting.  

In the UK it is illegal to buy cigarettes or alcohol if you are under the age of 18, and possession of most drugs (including cannabis) is illegal. 

Pocket Money 

Please provide your child with adequate spending money before departure.  

It is recommended that students bring at least £25 per day to cover the cost of any snacks, drinks, souvenirs and gifts and so on.  

We strongly recommend that students have a pre-payment card instead of bringing large amounts of cash.  


Course Fees

Prices January to December 2022

Prices apply per week

2-4 weeks5-8 weeks9-15 weeks16-29 weeks30+ weeks
General English 20 Lessons (15 Hours)£250£245£235£225£210
Intensive English 28 Lessons (21 Hours)£345£330£310£295£275
GE/IE + IELTS 32 Lessons (24 Hours)£360£345£330£315£300

There is a £40 supplement on tuition fees from 20 June – 26 August 2022  

Cambridge Accommodation Fees 2022

Homestay single room, half-board£185 per week
Residential single room en-suite (room only)£260 per week
Homestay Single Room Summer (20th June – 28th August)£220 per week
Residential single room en-suite Summer (room only) (20th June – 28th August)£270 per week

Other fees

We offer a variety of leisure activities for our students. There may be an extra cost for these which is usually £5-10 per activity.
Self-service laundry machine at Tripos cost approximately £6.
£20 refundable deposit for borrowing course book

Bank Holidays 2022

We close for public holidays on the following dates:
Friday 15 April
Monday 18 April
Monday 2 May
Thursday 2 June
Friday 3 June
Monday 29 August

We close for Christmas from Saturday 17th December 2022 to Monday 2nd January 2023.

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