Where to Eat in Cambridge


Feast your eyes on the Select English top 5 places to eat in Cambridge!


1. Tradizioni 


Tradizioni is a small, traditional Italian restaurant on the vibrant and multi-cultural Mill Road, Cambridge. Using authentic Italian produce, they offer deliciously simple pizzas, pasta dishes, anti-pasti and desserts. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and we couldn’t recommend this place highly enough!


2. Bedouin


Bedouin is an incredibly popular restaurant, also situated on Mill Road, which serves flavourful dishes and quality wines from North Africa, with colourful and cosy decor which will transport you to the Sahara Desert for an evening.


3. Butch Annie’s

butch annie's

Tucked away beneath Market Street in Cambridge, Butch Annie’s is an absolute must-visit burger restaurant. With a fuss-free attitude, they offer a range of delicious toppings on handcrafted beef or veggie burgers, paired with craft beers or milkshakes. We recommend you try the onion popcorn as an alternative to fries!


4. Nanna Mexico

nanna mexico


With outlets on Regent Street and Petty Curry, Nanna Mexico is the only place to stop in Cambridge for quick and tasty Mexican food for breakfast, lunch or dinner! They even have a great student offer on Mondays: grab a ‘Big-ass Burrito’ and a drink for just £5.


5. Aromi


A second Italian restaurant has crept into our top 5 places to eat in Cambridge: Aromi serves up wonderful Sicilian delicacies on Bene’t Street and Peas Hill. Sample their traditional focaccia and arancini, and you simply must taste their homemade gelato in the summer!