Using English Outside the Classroom

We spoke to our students about how they have been using English outside the classroom, and how they have been making the most of their time in Cambridge. Studying is very important if you want to improve your English, but it is also vital to practice as much as possible by socialising, exploring the local area and speaking to the people you meet.

What did you talk to your host family about last week?
A student sits at the table with her host family.

A student with her host family

“Cultural differences between my country and the UK.”

“My lessons and classmates.”

“Free-time activities”

“Going to a party in London with my host family”

“I introduced some food from my home town.”

“Childhood memories.”

“Famous places in London.”

“Festivals in my country and the UK.”

“Square-dancing in China.”


“Jobs in my country and the UK.”

“Using banks in the UK.”


How did you use English outside of the classroom last week?

“I chatted with locals in a shop.”

“I talked to my host family.”

“I spoke with classmates during my free time.”

“I watched English films.”

“I listened to English music.”

“I played basketball and talked to the other players.”

two people playing basketball

Playing basketball


“I talked to a waiter in a restaurant.”

“I went to the pub and talked to some local people.”

“I went to the library and read an English book.”

“I went to the library and used the computer to study English.”


What is your favourite tourist attraction in Cambridge and why?
King's College, Cambridge on a sunny day

King’s College, Cambridge


“I like Cambridge University because it is very famous.”

“I enjoy walking along the streets as there is a lot of history.”

“I like visiting the city centre because it is very beautiful.”

“The river Cam is very beautiful and you can go punting.”

English Plus - Residential or Homestay Course, Ages 14-17

Punting on the River Cam

“The Fitzwilliam museum is great.”

“I like Cambridge city centre. You can buy everything.”

“My favourite attractions are the parks because they are safe and lovely.”

“I like all of Cambridge as it is very beautiful and clean.”

“I like the churches. Cambridge has a lot of churches and they give me inner peace.”


What is the best social activity you have done at the school and why?

“I really enjoy eating in restaurants with classmates and teachers because I love chatting to people from other countries and it is the best way to socialise.”

a group of international students having drinks in a beer garden

Select students socialising at the pub.

“I enjoy going to restaurants with classmates because I like delicious food.”

“I really enjoyed Nadine’s restaurant dinner two weeks ago.”

“I love playing football and basketball.”

“I really, really enjoyed the football match last week.”

“I love sightseeing in Cambridge and visiting museums.”

“I liked going to the cinema together.”