Tips for Improving your English

Select teacher Jo provides her top tips for improving your English!


Make the most of the feedback from your teacher. Regular writing practice is a good way to focus on things you need to improve. When your teacher corrects your work, make a list of the types of errors. Refer to this list every time you write to help you remember to check for mistakes.


Take advantage of every opportunity to practise. The more you speak English, the faster you will improve and the more confident you will become. Using only English in the classroom is a good way to do this and if everyone is using the same language it helps everyone to feel included. You can also take part in school social activities with other students and teachers as well as speaking to your host family in the evenings.


Get into the habit of reading regularly. This is a good way to improve your reading fluency and expand the range of vocabulary that you can understand. You are more likely to continue this habit if you read something you are interested in which is a suitable level. If you are not sure what to read, your teacher can give you advice.

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Listen with the script. If you only do listening practice where you are answering comprehension questions, you are only testing your listening skills and not focusing on how to improve them. One way to do this is to listen and read the words at the same time. This is useful because it helps you understand how words and sentences are pronounced, which will make it easier for you to understand spoken English in the future. For example, you can watch films in English with English subtitles.


Make vocabulary cards. Write the English on one side and your language or a definition in English on the other. You can use the cards to test yourself. Add to the cards regularly and occasionally sort them into 2 groups – easy and difficult. You can discard the easy words and continuing practising the difficult ones. It’s also important to practise how the words are used and you can do this when you are writing.

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