Teaching rewards with a letter

Students enjoy their time with us

Teaching is always rewarding, but sometimes you receive a letter like this:

11th May 2015

My name is Nadja. I am Russian. I had been studied in Select English for three months. That three months not only improved my English, but opened my mind and broadened my horizon. I had a chance to meet many people from different countries; many wonderful people with their original outlook on life experience and opinion.  Thanks to the professionalism of well trained teachers, we had a lot of chances to discuss with each other many different topics, increase our knowledge about politics, economics, culture and history of classmate’s homeland; and also get to know each other better.

I am especially grateful to my first teacher Nadine and Andy. They have created a warm and homely atmosphere from the first day I arrived to school. Thanks to them I didn’t spend my time for the adaptation and quickly joined the stream of study with other students.

looking toward the future

looking toward the future

After three months I understand how I improved my language skills and I’m proud of myself. Thanks to the attention to detail from teachers I also understood my weak sides and it motivated me to continue to improve my English in my country.

I am grateful to all the people who shared with me these challenging but unforgettable three months.