Teacher Development at Select English

At Select English, we understand the importance of ongoing teacher development, for the benefit of teachers and students alike. Our teachers come from a variety of teaching backgrounds and bring a diverse mix of skills, qualifications and experience to the school. They are dedicated to providing a high-quality experience for our students and we believe a strong teacher development programme helps ensure that our high standards are maintained. Here are some examples of what we do.


All our teachers are observed by an experienced Academic Manager.
Teachers have the opportunity to do peer observations and observe a colleague.

Teacher Development Workshops

We run regular teacher development workshops. These are either led by an Academic Manager or experienced teacher, or are ideas share sessions where we all learn from each other. The topics of workshops are teacher requests, an area of interest that the session leader has researched, or based on lesson observations/ feedback from students and teachers. Examples of past and upcoming workshops are:
• Classroom Management
• Dogme
• Drama and Project lessons
• Giving Feedback to Students
• Learner/ Teacher Autonomy
• Lesson Planning and Adapting the Coursebook
• Online Learning
• Safeguarding
• Teaching Advanced Learners
• Teaching Beginners
• Teaching Chinese/ Japanese/ Arabic Speakers
• Teaching IELTS
• Teaching Students with Special Educational Needs
• The Lexical Approach
• Using Authentic Materials
• Using Technology in the Classroom
• Vocabulary and Grammar Games

five Select English teachers

Our core teaching team


Our teachers have an annual appraisal where they can discuss their goals for developing their teaching over the following year. This can involve looking at adding to their qualifications as well as developing their role within the school.

External Teacher Development Training

Select English supports teachers in developing their skills and experience in a number of ways. As well as an internal development programme, teachers also attend training days by external providers and work towards advanced teaching qualifications.
A number of our teachers have or are working towards completing the Cambridge DELTA.  This is an advanced qualification for teaching English. As well as assessing teaching, the diploma allows teachers to research areas of interest such as teaching exams (IELTS, FCE, CAE) as well as enhancing language awareness and teaching skills (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening). As teachers focus on different topics, this results in a well-rounded teaching team who can all make a valuable contribution to the school and our students.
A group of our teachers recently attended the English UK Academic Conference where they participated in sessions covering a variety of topics.

Our Teacher Community

Teachers are also interested in doing their own reading and research to bring new ideas to the classroom and to share at workshops.
Our friendly staffroom is a place for teachers to share ideas and support each other and new teachers are always very welcome.

Meet some of our teachers here.

If you are interested in teaching at Select English, check out our Jobs Page.

Thanks to Senior Teacher Jo for authoring this post.