How Our Students Improve Their English

The main aim of all of our students is to improve their English – either for work, university, or simply for fun. Our Assistant Director of Studies, Jo, asked her pre-intermediate students for feedback about how they have progressed while studying at Select. They gave examples of things they couldn’t do in English before they arrived, but are now able to do. Here are their comments:


“I can talk about more topics using more difficult vocabulary. My speaking is more accurate.”

“Now I think I can produce a lot of useful sentences. I can talk about my hometown, hobbies, education, transport, food, family and home.”

“I now know how to answer questions in IELTS Speaking.”

“I can make small talk.”


“I can understand long sentences better.”

“I have learnt a lot of reading skills for IELTS.”

“I read ‘The Little Prince’ and learnt a lot of new vocabulary.”

“I can understand fiction and IELTS texts.”


“Due to the school, I can write about more topics, for example, society. I learnt how to use more professional vocabulary.”

“I learnt a lot about IELTS Task 1 and Task 2.”

“I write in my diary in lesson 1 every day and I think it helps me a lot, because I can express myself now.”

“I can write IELTS essays and emails.”

Students in class working to improve their English


“I can understand faster speech. It helps me outside of school when I talk to British people.”

“I can understand what all my teachers say more than when I arrived.”

“I can understand films.”

“I can understand some BBC videos.”

“I am more confident with IELTS Listening.”


“I can use grammar more accurately.”

“I learnt a lot of new grammar and it’s really important to me.”

“I can use more complex grammar.”


“I can use a lot of words I had never heard of before.”

“I learn different words in every lesson and I also remember them. It’s very useful for my IELTS test.”

“I can use new vocabulary in my daily life.”

“I have a wider range of vocabulary. I learn new words every day.”

How can we improve our classes?

At Select our classes follow a syllabus, but our experienced teachers are flexible and adapt the lessons to suit the needs and interests of everyone in the class. So we also asked our students what they would like to improve in the future, which will help us to plan more personalised lessons which enable our students to improve their English. Here are some of their suggestions:

“I would like to understand lots of different accents.”

“I want to continue improving my IELTS skills and do practice for the IELTS test.”

“I would like to focus on my reading and listening skills.”

“I want to master the language.”

“I want to develop my vocabulary range.”


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