Student Interview: Raquel from Germany

Today’s student interview is with Raquel, who is 20 years old and comes from Germany. Raquel has been studying at Select English for 4 months.


Hi Raquel! Tell us something about your home town and your family.

I come from a town called Wilhelmshaven on the north east coast of Germany. It’s a small, beautiful town which is wonderful for a short holiday. My mother and father are separated and my father has re-married – I get on well with my step-mother and I also have two step-brothers, who are 15 and 8.

What did you do before you came to Select English?

I had an apprenticeship as a visual merchandiser for a department store. This means that I created window displays and in-store advertising. However, I decided that I want to study Marketing & Management, so I needed to improve my English. I am going to study for a Bachelor’s degree in Germany and then I hope to study for a Master’s in the U.K.

It’s your last day at Select English today – what are you going to do next?

I am going back home to look for a job. I will work for the next 4 months before starting my course at Munster University.

Have you enjoyed your course? Tell us something about your classes.

Of course I have enjoyed it! The classes here are very serious, but the teachers are fun and the groups are small – there are only four students in my class. Jo is a good teacher because she is very organised and she taught us so many things. I have made good friends here, especially Lena from China and Valentina from Italy.

And has your English improved?

Yes, definitely. When I arrived, I couldn’t understand what the taxi driver was saying – I kept asking him to speak more slowly or to repeat what he had said! Now, I have gone from B1 level to B2+.

What do you think of Cambridge?

Cambridge is absolutely beautiful. I like to walk everywhere as it is so easy to get around. I live with a host family who are nice and they live quite close to the city centre.

What do you like to do in Cambridge?

I often go to the pub with my classmates and teachers. I have also joined some of the school social activities such as going for tea with Andy as well as cupcake decorating and learning to crochet with Nadine.

Have you been elsewhere in the U.K.?

Yes, I have stayed in London and I have also visited Ely (which is very close to Cambridge) and Norwich. I visited Bath last weekend which was so beautiful, and we were really lucky with the weather.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Just that I love Cambridge and I want to come back! I am sad about leaving, but life goes on!


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