Student Interview: Kostiantyn from Ukraine

Say hello to Kostiantyn, who is 22 years old and comes from Ukraine. Kosti is studying on our 25 Hours English Course with IELTS. Read his interview below.

Meet Kosti!

Meet Kosti!

Did you go back to the Ukraine for Christmas? Do you ever get homesick?

Yes I went back for Christmas, which was nice, but I don’t get homesick because I keep in contact with my parents and my siblings while I’m here.

How long have you been studying at Select? And how is it going?

I have been studying for 4 months and it’s going well – I have already changed from pre-intermediate to intermediate and I hope to improve even more. I also like my homestay accommodation – my host family is fantastic.

What do you want to do when you leave Select?

I want to achieve IELTS 6.5 and then go to university, maybe in the USA, to study Finance and Economics. I might like to be an accountant or do a job which combines finance and law, because I have a Masters in Law. Then I would like to live in Europe – my second home is Slovakia and my family have a property business there.

Do you like Cambridge? Have you been anywhere else in the UK?

I like Cambridge because it is an easy place to study and there are lots of students here. I have also visited London, which is very interesting and beautiful with a special atmosphere.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Select is a good school, with a nice team – everyone is friendly and I like the other students as well. I speak English all the time here which is very good practice for me!