Student Feedback from our Summer Adults

Student Feedback – Here’s what our adult students had to say about their English lessons

We asked students on our Summer Adult Course what they enjoyed most about their activities and lessons. Here are some of their comments:


What was your favourite lesson and why?

Andrea, Italy:

“We played a fantastic game and learnt new grammar rules. All the teachers are fantastic!”

Marcel, Spain:

“I enjoyed the debate class with Richard because I laughed a lot and we also spoke about important things, so it was worthwhile.”

Jiayue, China

“I enjoyed lessons where we talked about topics which are common in our daily life, so I had some ideas to share with my classmates. The teachers always encouraged us to speak.”

Alejandra, Spain;

“My best lesson was with Josh when we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of technology.”

Xiaxin China

“I like the atmosphere in Richard’s class. He is always active and excited and we are all involved in his class.”

Luka, Slovenia

“On the last day we did a test to see our progress. At the end there was still time left, so we played a funny card game.”

Paloma, Spain

“My best lesson is one where we can do some speaking practice, for example, a debate. I reckon it’s good in order to improve our fluency.”

Angela, Spain

“My best lesson was with Lynn. I think she is a very kind and great person. She always smiled and she managed to make me happy.”

Ruifen, China

“I enjoyed playing games and a competition to describe words.”

Danyang, China

“I liked Ben’s lesson because he is very interesting.”

Liudmila, Russia

The time I spent in my classes was useful for me. A variety of approaches and methods were used in our lessons.

Xinyuan, China

“I enjoyed all my lessons, because the teachers are good and friendly.”

Yuxin, China

“I enjoyed Ben and Greg’s lessons because they are very interesting and they can improve my weaknesses in English.”

Tao, China

“I like all the teaching methods.”


What was your favourite social activity and why?

Andrea, Italy

“I loved walking to Grantchester. It is a very lovely place.”

Ilaria, Italy

“My favourite activity was games with Richard. I enjoyed myself a lot.

Marcel, Spain:

“I enjoyed playing football because it’s about 2 months since I last played and I enjoyed it a lot.”

Luka, Slovenia

“My favourite activity was punting. It was hard, but at the same time it was a lot of fun. It encouraged us to bond, because it involved a lot of teamwork to steer the boat.”

Sicong, China

I enjoyed punting because we could see King’s College. I also liked playing games, because it’s a good chance to improve speaking English.

Jiayue, China

“I liked punting. It was one of the reasons for coming here.”

Overall Comments:

Donato, Italy

“It is a very good project that gives me many memories.”

Sining, China

“The school is perfect. I’ll see you again.”

Ke, China,

“It’s a unique experience.”