Student Advice: Studying English in the UK

We asked our students to give their best advice on studying English and living in the UK. This week, we have collected tips from our B2 class: Doeon, Yukyung and Jun from South Korea, Lena from Spain, Sophie from France and Caitlin from China.

Life in the UK


“Don’t forget an adapter so you can use your electronic devices.”

“You should bring an umbrella and warm clothes.”

“English people are very polite. Always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.”

Living in Cambridge


“Be prepared to cycle a lot.”

“You should buy a Megarider if you have to get the bus every day. This is a special ticket that saves you money.“

Learning English and Making Friends


“The most important thing is to make friends. You have to be open-minded and tolerant because you will meet people who have a different culture from your own.”

“Go to the school social events. This will help you make friends and practise your English. Also try to make English speaking friends.”

“Watch TV like soap operas that help you understand ‘real’ English. Disney films might help too!”

What do you think of this student guide? Do you have any advice for studying abroad?