Student Advice: Studying English in the UK (2)

Students in our A2 class provide their tips for studying English while living in the UK. Thanks to Abdulla, Mohammed, Khalifa and Humoud from the UAE, Donovan, Sam, Xi Xi and Tracy from China and Fabio from Italy.

Studying English


“You should only speak English in lessons if you want to improve your English.”

“Bring a notebook and pen to your lesson. You can write down new words and phrases.”

“Do your homework.”

“Spend time with your classmates outside of class. You will make lots of new friends and you can practise your English together.”

“You should go to the cinema every week to improve your English.”

“You should listen to the news on your phone for 20 minutes every day.”

“You should read books in English. You can borrow them from the school library.”

Living in the UK

Cambridge City Centre

“Bring medicine from your own country. This will be useful if you need it before you find a pharmacy.”

“You should pack warm clothes.”

“You should go to the city centre with your friends. Cambridge is a very beautiful city. You can ask your teachers for advice about where to go.”

“You should learn how to use the bus because it is one of the most useful means of transport in the UK.”

“If you are homesick, remember there are a lot of people in the same situation as you. Your classmates and teachers understand and can help you.”


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