Social Apps for your time abroad

If you have decided to learn English abroad and have an I-phone or an Android I have looked into the apps that will help your experience.

Social Apps for your time at Select English

  1. Online banking – this is a free social app and whether you have opened a bank in England or not there is something to help everyone. TransferWise in particular will help you send money abroad without any hidden fees.
  2. Communication – WhatsApp – i-phone 69p and android is free. I probably do not need to explain this app because you probably have it. With this you can send data to anyone in the world for free.
  3. Facebook messenger – free calls, clear sound. Facebook is a useful tool isn’t it. Not only can we keep all of our friends contained like a digital phonebook, but the instant messenger has free calls with your data or WiFi. How many of you knew that?
  4. Local bus and train social apps – free. The common sense app. You have come to England and you want to travel around, my favourite doPostswnloads are ‘trainline’ and ‘catchthatbus’.
  5. Google googles – free app which cleverly tells you what historic building you are looking at and links it to Wikipedia (just aim your phone at the building).
  6. Lost in translation – has 36 languages and is free! Select English language students are of course here to learn English, but so are many other nationalities. Nobody will feel lost with this app. Or ‘better translation pro’ – voice recognition and 50 languages.
  7. PhotoSynth – beautiful panoramic scenes linked to Facebook, because you’re going to want your photos to look magical.
  8. I-movie – to capture your moments and literally edit them like a movie and send back home.

Now all you have to do is enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!