Select English Student Review

We love getting feedback, and often check Google+ and Facebook for any updates. So when this student review came through on a Facebook post, we were extra happy. For the full photo album, take a look at our Google+ page.

Thank you to 王瑞琦 (Wang Rui Qi)
This student review was beautiful and we thank you for your words and pictures:

When I just arrived Cambridge , I had no friends until I met them. After that I got lots of enthusiastic teachers , friendly classmates , I really respect them because they are all kindhearted and hardworking people . I’ll never forget the memories we had together. They’ll never be instead of anybody . I love these people, I love select English.

If you were a student are currently are still studying at Select English, please feel free to either review on Facebook and Google+ because we really do love your positive feedback.