Select English Student BBQ

Friday the 22nd of May was the best Friday for several reasons; the first being that it was the start of another Bank Holiday weekend and the second was the lovely weather we had for our student/staff BBQ.  The student BBQ coincided with a visit from English UK, who were on a ‘Spring Inward Mission’.  The mission brought up to 12 invited overseas agents to the UK enabling them to view first-hand the diverse range of accredited ELT on offer.

The day kicked off with the Marketing team planning the set-up of the student BBQ and the purchases of fresh food, all while making sure Select English’s guest were also shown around. Our Select English teachers were of course on hand to help out, with Nadine taking over the BBQ once Alex – AKA Mr BBQ – had to welcome the guests.

The weather improved each hour and the food was completely finished off. Finally a game of table tennis took place centre stage of the student BBQ, with the staff competing against the students.

STAFF WON! For more photos, please visit our Facebook page.