Russian Education Trip

 Our infamous staff member Alex went to Russia this month to present Education in the UK, in particular Cambridge and Oxford. The students loved it and the turn out to his talks was huge. It is safe to conclude the Russian Education Trip was a success. The school had this to say…

Алекс был у нас в школе как глоток свежего кембриджского воздуха! Оказалось, что не только мы – в Кембридж, но и Кембридж к нам! У нас еще учаттся те, кого Алекс учил в Select English, и те, кто играл с ним в футбол, поэтому слух о его приезде разнесся моментально, дети забеги поболтать на переменках, а на лекцию собралось столько старшеклассников, что любо-дорого – целый зал. Замечательно, когда есть такая мотивация – это потом залог успеха на ЕГЭ. И на кембриджских уроках дети с удовольствием занимались фонетикой, фразовыми глаголами, и были очень настроены, как можно больше потренироваться с “носителем языка”! Julia Raskina

Which translated (or thereabouts) is:

Alex has been with us in school as a breath of fresh air from Cambridge! It turned out that not only are we in Cambridge but Cambridge to us! Those whom Alex taught in Select English and those who played with him in football still remember, so hearing about his arrival, children instantly spread the rumour and raced to chat on ‘peremenkah’, and so many high school students attended the lecture that lyubo-Dorogo-a Hall was full. It is wonderful when there is such motivation, which is the key to success for the EXAM afterwards. And the Cambridge lessons they enjoy doing, phonetics, phrasal verbs, and have been highly tuned as much as possible to train with a ‘native speaker’!