Learning superlatives to describe places in Cambridge (A2 English)

The best places in Cambridge.

Say Hello to our A2 English group. This week they were studying superlatives. They used this language to describe places in Cambridge and decide what they would recommend to new students. Here are some of their ideas:

  • The River Cam is the best place to take a photo.
  • Punting is the best free time activity.
  • A Cambridge University Jumper is the best souvenir to buy.
  • Primark is the best shop and there are a lot of good shops in the city centre.
  • Grantchester is the best place for a day trip.
  • Beer is the most popular drink.
  • Parker’s Piece is the best place to play football.
  • Ballare is the best nightclub.
  • King’s College is the most interesting building.
  • Going to the school social activities is the best way to meet people.
  • Peterhouse College is the oldest college.