House Manager

Jane is a House Manager for Select English manages up to 12 students, ensuring that they have a cooked breakfast and evening meal, as well as maintaining the house.  The House Manager is on call 24 hours and cooks for 5 working days.

How did you get into House Managing?                  

My background is in nursing, which is a caring role and I wanted something that still allowed me to carry on caring without the stress of nursing. I heard about the role through a nursing friend who told me about her daughter working at an English Language School in Cambridge.

Do you use your nursing skills in the role?

I do, but I use my own personality which is great. I have always wanted to work in a caring role and am quite old fashioned. I enjoy cooking, cleaning and essentially being a House Mother.

How do you balance House Management and House Mothering?

Management is very specific and I follow all the policies/procedures and keep up to date with paperwork.  I have to keep my first aid and fire marshal training up to date and I keep to a budget for shopping. The ‘mothering’ part is where I get to add personal touches, I celebrate all their personal occasions and if they tell me about cultural occasions then I decorate the house accordingly and we all celebrate together. And just like a parent would, they have curfew’s which are set by age. So a 15 year old is 10:30pm.

Finally, do you enjoy working for Select English?

I have never been so content in a job and will do this until retirement. I really believe that Select English is doing a fabulous job in bring international students together and I think this is important for the future. Seeing other cultures unite and work together is just beautiful.

We want our students to have the best meals and experience

We want our students to have the best meals and experience during Homestay and Residential