Group Day Out!

Select English enjoy taking bookings from International Groups. This gives us a chance to meet people from all over the world, and in turn have them meet us.  We offer flexibility and encourage groups to tailor their length of stay to suit them.

The group are ready for the day!

The group are ready for the day!

Recently, we had a two week group booking from Indonesia. This group trips consist of English lessons in the morning from 9 am until 12 noon.  Afternoons are then spent playing sports and most enjoyably; touring Cambridge.

Weekends were spent going slightly further afield in order to explore more of England. On Sunday we went to London via the train and underground; this was a different experience for the group, as previously they had been on coach trips. But the train journey itself proved to be exciting, with green fields zooming by and the blue sky being full of planes.

The sights from the train to London

The sights from the train

The next stop was London’s Kings Cross station.  For anyone who has been there it is a place buzzing with excitement and new architectural design. The group had fun learning to say‘ticket’ like Londoners, and then piling themselves into the small underground tube carriages. Playing count the stops (nine to South Kensington) proved popular; as did guessing which side of the tube door would open next for exiting.

Finally, we were at our destination; time for the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum and Harrods.

It was great to see the students engage with the interactive elements of the Science Museum; the space section on the ground floor being the popular stop. Especially, sitting to watch the 3D globe telling the story of Human effects on the World (plus it was a chance to rest our legs).

Overall, it was a good day and most important of all was the weather. With a spring Sun; London did not let us down.