English Class Activities: What our students think.

English Class Activities:

We use a variety of interesting activities in our lessons to help our students improve their English. Our teachers asked their students which activities they found the most useful and why. Here are some of their answers:

Mayumi, from Japan

The daily routines support me a lot. I like writing a diary because I’m a person who learns through reading and writing, rather than orally, so by writing a diary I make more progress than in conversation. Teachers’ comments in diaries encourage me to write more!

Mohan, from China

The most useful activity for revision is ‘Taboo’. This is when we work in groups, one person explains a word and the others have to guess. It’s good practice to try to paraphrase language and think of synonyms.

Karen, from China

In my opinion, productive activities when we speak and listen are the most helpful because we can practise how to use new words and it helps us to remember them.

Maria, from Italy

I like doing exercises to practise grammar. In this way we can clarify the rules so they are clear in our minds when speaking.

Zhan Yu, from China

We study grammar and vocabulary every day, then have a test every Friday. This is useful as we have the chance to review what we have studied. It helps us to know what we can do and what we need to focus on improving.

Musallam, from UAE

We learn academic words, which is useful for IELTS. The teachers also show us how to write and spell words in English.

Bonnie, from China

We learn new words every day. We practise using them in sentences, so that we know how to use them.

Aldouda, from UAE

The methods for learning new vocabulary and improving IELTS listening are very good.

Abner, from China

We do a lot of speaking and writing which helps me be more active in the class.

Salem, from UAE

I enjoy playing ‘Kahoot’ as it’s fun and helps us to improve our English.

Hamad, from UAE

I like playing vocabulary games, because they help us remember words and learn new words.

Lidia, from Romania

Coming to classes is useful because it helps us with speaking and reading.

Colin, from China

The most useful thing is that we can communicate with students from other countries, which means we have strengthened our knowledge of other cultures and made new friends. It also helps us to develop and practice our spoken English.

Ti, from China

I enjoy playing board games. There are many unknown words in the games and they help to give us a deeper understanding of the words.

Jimex, from China

I like all the activities, but my favourite is ‘Kangaroo Court.’ It helps us develop our speaking skills and expand our vocabulary.

Reo, from South Korea

The listening activities are very useful, because we use materials that we don’t have at home.

Rashed, from UAE

As well as in lessons, we learn through social activities with our teachers. I enjoyed the trip to the Botanic Gardens because the teacher was very friendly and helped us improve our English in a new place. We also had the chance to explore a place in Cambridge and learn about an interesting place in the city.

Alex, from Malaysia

I like practising my English with teachers and other students in social activities, especially bowling, because I love it.

Ting Ting, from China

Reading every day helps us cultivate useful reading habits.

Rongqing, from China

As a foreigner I didn’t have many opportunities to speak English before I came to Select. Here, teachers give us lots of chances to speak in every class. Because of this, my English is definitely better than before.

Marc, from China

Taboo is a great way to help students memorise new vocabulary and it strengthens the understanding of words by explaining them in different ways. This method also encourages students to speak and communicate better.

Rebeca, from Spain

I like using vocabulary cards because we can remember words in an interactive way. When we use them, we are also practising our pronunciation and developing our listening skills as we listen to each other.

Wendy, from China

Giving presentations in class has helped us prepare for further study at university.

Maria, from Colombia

Practice tests for IELTS and CAE have been really useful. I learnt a lot and it was easier for me when I had to take my exam. In addition, I think the use of English activities has improved my writing and speaking skills.

Nora, from Hungary

I like that we write in our diaries every day, learning new words and my IELTS preparation lessons.

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