Elite Educational Development

Today on the blog we have a guest post from Elite Educational Development, who specialise in placing English speakers with families in Russia to enable their children to learn the language while they grow up.

Through difficult economic times in Russia, English language education continues to be a priority for affluent VIP families in Moscow and beyond.

Each year many Russians travel to the UK for intensive studying and the ultimate goal of being accepted into top UK schools and universities. At language schools such as Select we see a large number of Russian students each year; students learning and living in the UK, getting used to life in Britain and preparing for a possible transfer into the British education system.

Similarly, Russian families based in Moscow often hire native English speaking tutors, nannies, governors and governesses to work on a full time basis solely within their family. For younger children a tutor or nanny may educate their charge or student from a zero level of English, and for older kids after-school tutoring is provided – often for children attending international or prestigious schools in Moscow.Child and tutor or nanny

The aim of such a role is intensive teaching and ‘immersion’ in English language for the children. The jobs frequently require the teacher to travel with the family on holiday and to be a member of the household staff year round. The time spent throughout the day learning and conversing with a native speaker allows students to learn English in a similar way to an English child growing up in the UK. Children normally progress quickly, soon speaking superb natural English with a very clean accent. Ultimately bilingualism is generally achieved.

One agency that deals with the placement of qualified native speakers in Russia and indeed worldwide is Elite Educational Development. Their consultants describe the jobs working with Russian families as exciting and varied employment opportunities for educational professionals seeking a new challenge abroad.

“Whilst the winters in Moscow can take some getting used to, most full time positions have opportunities for extensive travel and the salary on offer is excellent, including paid accommodation and 4 weeks paid holiday as standard.”

To find out more information visit: www.eedlearning.com