April’s Student Interview

What are your names and where are you from?

My name is Lily and I am from China, which is a busy and rich country.

My name is Alina and I am from Russia. Moscow is a cosmopolitan place and l like the business area and think it is a multi-cultural place.


Student Interview: Lily and Alina, check in to say hello!

Lily and Alina, check in to say hello!



What are your thoughts on being at Select English?

Lily: I like everything about Select English, but sometimes you can tell the teacher has been busy before a lesson.

Alina: There is a friendly atmosphere; I can speak to Kate and other teachers. I can ask advice and they are organised.

Lily: Cambridge is a nice place to learn. There are different atmospheres and structure of learning between London and Cambridge.

 What do you think about the activities?

Alina: There are activities at Select but I do not do them. I would like to do things such as go to the Opera.

 [At which point Lily told Alina that there was an Opera trip that was put on the board in the computer room.]

Lily: I have had a good experience of activities. I went to Select London during Christmas holiday for 2 weeks. There they combined activities with learning English.

Alina: I would like more social conversations with English speaking people, such as teachers.

 [Alina and Lily then both say that speaking with me and having questions is great practice.]

 Do you have homestay or residential accommodation?

 Lily: I found my accommodation on a website, but I stay with a nice woman who has 2 sons. She allows me to cook my own dinners, because I like to eat more vegetables.

Alina: Homestay, I talk with the family mainly at dinner. She bakes often, biscuits, cakes. After school I am exhausted, so I practice English speaking only during dinner. After I have homework; then I sleep.

[Lily tells Alina that she thinks she is an excellent student]

We then talk about how they both want to do a Master’s Degree after Select. Alina enjoys Finance/Accountancy and Lily likes Economics. Before the course, Alina had never spoken a full sentence in English. It is clear that both are great students.