May Student Interview


A Select English Student Guide

to Studying in Cambridge


student guide : our wonderful students at Select English language school

our wonderful students

Here is our Select English student guide! If you are thinking of coming to Cambridge to study you may feel slightly overwhelmed. Our international students from Select English have written some helpful advice.

  1.  Things to bring when you come to Cambridge

Ricky wrote ‘when I came to the UK I took two big suitcases; its stuff I can’t live without’.

  1. Your favourite place in Cambridge

A student said ‘my favourite place is Ely, which is a gorgeous village. There are less people, it’s very quiet’.

  1. English food to look forward to

A favourite response here was of course fish and chips. But the best was ‘afternoon tea with a beautiful cake’.

  1. How to get on with your homestay

Be polite was frequently suggested, as was HUG THEM :)

  1. Things that might surprise you about the UK

Unanimously: changeable weather.

  1. Your top tip for studying English

Watch English TV, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and sing with English pop singers (the radio, maybe not on stage).

  1. Why are you learning English?

It is important for my future study, work and knowledge.