Cambridge Homestay

English Plus - Residential or Homestay Course, Ages 14-17

Cambridge Homestay

Select English can arrange for students to stay in homestay accommodation in Cambridge during their stay. Staying in homestay accommodation can be an excellent way to get to know the culture better as well as providing more opportunities to practise English.

All our homestay accommodation is carefully chosen by our Accommodation Officer, who pays regular visits to all those who host our students.

The Accommodation Officer is always available to talk to students and deal with any problems that may occur in a quick and efficient manner.

Please note: you should arrive at your homestay on the Sunday before your course starts, and depart on the Saturday after your course ends. 


Homestay accommodation is provided in single rooms.


All Cambridge homestay accommodation is half-board. Breakfast and dinner are provided by the hosts. Please let us know when you register, if you have any allergies or special dietary requirements. Priority will be given to dietary requirements arising from religious or health reasons – it is not always possible to cater to requirements based on personal taste.

We are not responsible for providing lunches for students under the age of 18 unless they specifically request it as an additional part of their package. Please email us in advance if you would to add lunches to your package.


Homestay hosts will do laundry for students once a week.


Many of our homestay hosts have internet. Please let us know well in advance if you are hoping to have a homestay with internet.

Private Home Accommodation

Select English also offer private home accommodation. These are homestays which host more than 4 students. Private homes provide meals and laundry service as detailed above, but may offer a reduced opportunity to interact with the hosts due to the number of guests.